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Welcome to the IR-4 Public Health Pesticides Database, which has been significantly expanded and updates. We hope you find it useful, and we welcome comments and suggestions; please address to

This database currently contains information on approximately 1000 materials that are significant to the control of arthropods that can transmit infectious organisms to humans and/or domestic animals. Most of the materials are compounds or mixtures that serve as insect toxicants, repellents, or attractants. Some are specific isomers or forms of materials that are usually manufactured and sold as mixtures. Others are synergists, adjuvents, or carriers. A few are pesticide metabolites (break-down products). The list does not yet include specific formulated end-use products, although we plan to add this feature later this year.  For now, product names can be used to help identify key constituent materials.

To search for a particular material, either type in a segment of a name or identifying number in the "Keyword Search" box and hit "submit"; or scroll through the list of Identifiers, select one or more, and hit "submit". There are about 5,000 identifiers in the list, including chemical names, common names, trade names, and identifying numbers (CAS, EPA, etc.), as many materials have multiple identifiers. The list of identifiers is not complete, and, in particular, is missing many trade names at this time.

To search for materials with a specific EPA registration status, click on a registration category under "EPA Registration" and hit "submit." To search for materials with active product registrations for a particular pest, click on the registration status under the pest and hit "submit."
Disclaimer: All information provided in this database was collected from public data sites, and no proprietary data was included. Data in this site are compiled and presented, but were not generated, by IR-4, and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. All references to specific products, or references to other data sources, are informational only, and do not constitute an endorsement by IR-4 or any affiliated institution.

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